Project Structure

The EMotion project is structured in 8 workpackages (WPs).

WP1 deals with the overall project management troughout the whole duration of the project.

WP2 starts at the beginning of the project, aimed at collecting the used needs and defining the overal concept of the EMotion demonstrator vehicles.

Afterwards the three parallel technical WPs start where the vehicle architecture, the electric components and Human Machine Interface are developed:

  • WP3 or AREA I for the frame and packaging;
  • WP4 or AREA II for the electric powertrain and the on-board charger;
  • WP5 of AREA III for Human Machine Interface and on-board information system aspects.

Integration of components and subsystems prototypes into the vehicle demonstrators is part of WP6, together with laboratory and preliminary tests to validate the demonstrator functionality.

In WP7 an extensive 8-months long demonstration phase in and around Salzburg will be conducted.

Horizontal activities of dissemination and exploitation are carried out in WP8.

EMotion Pert Chart