Vehicle Assembly

Based upon the vehicle assessment activities and the learnings from component testing, a final design loop was carried out to finalize all vehicle components and to incorporate restrictions from part supplying companies. The picture below shows the main structural assembled frame in the first assembly stage.

©KTM F&E GmbH and KTM Technologies GmbH

Later, the wiring harness was fitted into the vehicle as well as all needed electric and electronic parts were mounted. For driving- and validation tests, only a minimum set of plastic parts were assembled, providing all necessary ergonomic surfaces and to guarantee easy access for the electric components in order to react quickly during the testing and validation activities. The image below shows the 8 kW demonstrator on the test track in Burgkirchen.

©KTM F&E GmbH and KTM Technologies GmbH

Finally, the picture below shows the fully finished EMotion Technology Demonstrator including all plastic parts. This vehicle is used for demonstration purposes to show the project results on fairs etc.