Augmented Reality

Not only due to the COVID-19 situation, virtual methods to collaboratively work on the scooter itself as well as discuss 3D results were evaluated and tested in EMotion, partly using augmented, virtual and mixed reality techniques. Below, an animation of the Load Data Acquisition (LDA) scooter model can be seen. This scooter was used to gain load data and collectives. This model also was used, enabling experts from the EMotion project partners working together on the virtual scooter model by using their Augmented Reality Glasses like Microsoft HoloLens 2. All attending users can interact with the scooter model (disassembling components or measure distances) and discuss about it while standing next to the model as if they would be in the same room, although they are in different locations. Furthermore, simplified virtual ergonomics evaluations can be performed and providing the user the experience of the view of the rider.