Load Data Aquisition Vehicle

A Load Data Acquisition (LDA) vehicle acted as starting point for the further development of the vehicle concept. Concept investigations on different vehicle architectures, drivetrain configurations, battery concepts, etc. and a preliminary analysis of the user survey had been done to provide technical input to the LDA vehicle which should be comparable to the final vehicle demonstrator in terms of size, handling, weight, etc. The vehicle was designed with off-the-shelf components.

Using the LDA vehicle a full-scale load data acquisition test campaign was set up in order to derive realistic load cases and life cycle scenarios for the further development of the EMotion vehicle platform. In a first step, suitable sensor positions on the relevant vehicle structures had to be defined. This activity was done using finite element analysis (FEA) tools.

The aim of these simulations was to evaluate regions on the structure that are sensitive to specific load directions and load cases and unaffected by other loads. In a next step an appropriate measurement equipment was defined, and measurement sensors were applied to the structures.

In parallel to the application of the measurement equipment of the LDA scooter a test strategy was developed that covered all intended use cases, and relevant misuse cases. In general, the manoeuvres could be characterised or split up into six main categories:

  • Handling course (Test track)
  • Urban
  • Highway
  • Suburban
  • Gravel
  • Mountain pass road

Some exemplary scenarios can be seen that were part of the LDA test campaign. The tests were performed in different vehicle riding conditions, with just the rider and with the maximum intended vehicle load.

LDA vehicle on grassLDA vehicle on roadLDA vehicle on cobble stone
LDA vehicle on test trackLDA vehicle ridersLDA vehicle on gravel

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