Innovative HMI

One aim of EMotion is to provide an innovative Human Machine Interface (HMI) that is able to provide the user important information and also providing an eco-coaching algorithm, that helps the user to learn driving in an energy efficient way.

Regarding the HMI 11 key issues such as preferred level of information while riding, were identified in the online user survey, the personal interviews and during expert evaluations. Based on these information, HMI concepts were developed that fulfil these user requirements.

Beyond the evaluation, the consortium started with the development of first mock-up prototypes which show the possibilities of the new HMI concepts. FHOOE developed first examples of how the HMI dashboard could look like using Protopie, which allows for easy prototyping of interaction inputs from the rider, as well as reading data from external sensors (e.g. a rain sensor).

HMI DisplayHMI Electronics

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Correlating to the 11 key issues, the examples mostly focus on when and how to display information to the rider to effectively inform and potentially improve his or her driving behaviour. Using the principles of gamification, some of the approaches applied are the use of coach marks for certain actions (e.g. how to recuperate), real-time feedback visualisation of acceleration, braking, and energy consumption, the hiding and displaying of specific features based on environmental data as well as the rider’s experience (e.g. the option of automatic or manual adjustments in rain).